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Here at WLPO, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings via the PrimiDieci Awards held during the past years in New York and in London, UK, we’ve been driven by the same goal: take advantage of the extraordinary personalities and celebrities we honor over the years with the PrimiDieci Award and other unique recognitions. Yes! Use their national and international media influence to raise public awareness in order to provide consistent financial support for scientific research in the field of breast cancer and all other dreadful life-threatening diseases.

Thanks to the PrimiDieci Award legacy, today we have put together an entrancing number of personalities and celebrities from all sectors. They are all united by the same desire: help breaking the silence and the misinformation around the devastating spread of breast cancer and other life-threatening diseases afflicting today' society. 

Please learn more about our mission, our vision, and how we go about making the changes we want to see.

About WLPO: About Us
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WLPO at a Glance

WLPO is the charitable non-profit organization that has assimilated the PrimiDieci-TenBest Award brand to pursue its mission of bringing together leading personalities to support lifesaving science.

For several years the PrimiDieci-TenBest Award has honored prominent Italians of nationality or descent who best represent Italian excellence in the U.S. and around the world. WLPO is committed to resume and expand the value received from the PrimiDieci-TenBest brand diversifying its celebratory events by bringing together and honoring personalities of every origin and culture.

Through its Awards, Gala dinners, events, books, and media campaigns, we at WLPO are committed to developing increasingly solid and widespread connections between people around the world who stand out for exceptional talent, creativity, entrepreneurship and genius. From culture to science, design to business, public service to the media, the arts, entertainment and more, WLPO honors recipients who stand as great authorities and role models for our young, bright and inspiring future leaders. Please read more about our Awards ceremonies, recipients, and events, click here.

Highlighting distinguished people for their personal and professional outstanding achievements allows us to bring attention to our fundraising events where we are honored to assign grants for scientific research in the field of breast cancer and other life-threatening diseases. For this is precisely the ultimate purpose of our celebratory functions: help breaking the silence and the misinformation around their devastating spread by raising worldwide awareness of the international community to the importance of funding extensive scientific research on these dreadful diseases. Please read more about our efforts to support lifesaving science, click here.


WLPO’s mission is to enhance the valuable life and career experiences of its awards’ recipients to inspire the public to support scientific research programs targeted to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

About WLPO: Who We Are
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