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Red Carpet Event
EBA24, Honoring Excellence in Benevolence

Join us to celebrate Italians' Excellence in Benevolence,
the most distinguishing quality entrenched in the Italian heritage.


Manhattan, New York, May 16, 2024

A Life Achievement Award to celebrate the remarkable achievements of individuals who have reached the pinnacle of personal and professional success through their unwavering kindness, altruism, and compassion.

Watch these two short videos to learn more about the event and the WLPO

the EBA24 event video-presentation

a glimpse of our story


In recognition of their exceptional abilities, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and brilliance, we celebrate the world's most influential figures today. These remarkable individuals have left an indelible mark on their respective fields, driven by their unwavering compassion and dedication to serving the greater good of society.


Prepare to be part of an unparalleled event in New York City, where over 500 distinguished guests will converge. This extraordinary gathering will unite prominent personalities, corporations, organizations, and institutions from the United States, as well as from different corners of the world. Spanning across various sectors such as culture, finance, business, science, and beyond, this exceptional occasion will also be attended by esteemed members of the U.S., Italian, and international media.

Newspaper articles about "benevolence"

Here are a couple of pieces that are definitely worth a read:

Venue of the EBA24 event: 
The Cipriani 25 Broadway, New York

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Originally built as the great ticketing hall for the Cunard Steamship Line in 1921, Cipriani 25 Broadway effortlessly combines classic elegance with modern sophistication.

Award Recipients

The EBA24 will appoint some 5 to 10 award recipients.

Their names will be disclosed the evening of the event. 

Honoring Science
with the 


Meet Dr. Giuseppe Curigliano

Eba 24 will also be the stage for the “Innovative Treatments for Breast Cancer Award”, a special recognition for exceptional research bestowed upon a globally-recognized researcher, Doctor Giuseppe Curigliano, MD, Ph.D, for his outstanding achievements in the field.

Dr. Curigliano is Chief of the Clinical Division of Early Drug Development at the European Institute of Oncology, namely I.E.O., Milan, and Full Professor of Medical Oncology at the University of Milan.

In the US Dr. Curigliano is a member of the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO); the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR); the Breast International Group (BIG); and the International Breast Cancer Study Group (IBCSG).
A research grant will also be assigned during the event to Dr. Curigliano's Division of New Drugs for Innovative Therapies at the I.E.O. 

Please learn more about Doctor Curigliano’s dedicated, passionate, and successful career on the I.E.O. website: click here.

Giuseppe Curigliano MD, PHD

Dr. Giuseppe Curigliano 

Research Grant

A research grant will also be assigned during the event to Dr. Curigliano's Division of New Drugs for Innovative Therapies at the I.E.O. It will be raised thanks to generous donors and sponsors in support of the scientific research of Dr. Curigliano and his Division at the University of Milan, Italy.


The EBA24 Book

The life stories of the award recipients are portrayed in a luxurious hardcover publication, blending captivating storytelling with stunning visuals, published in the USA and Italy in two adaptations: English and Italian.

Learn more about our past editions and books: click here.



donate to support the EBA24 event and fundraising

This unique life achievement award needs you. 

It will be because of you that this unprecedented happening in New York will honor truly unique individuals.

Donations and sponsorships are extremely important to us. 

If you share the values of our mission and believe that our commitment deserves your support, please donate

The EBA24 is only a few months ahead. At this critical organizational phase, we seek your assistance. As highlighted in the above short video, the initial phase requires the support of our first five donors. Their contributions will support us, as we face the event’s organizational costs over the next few months and will determine the success of the event..

There are several donation options to choose from, each offering its unique benefits.

We sincerely appreciate any donation, no matter how modest.


If you wish to become one of our 5 early sustainers, the fundamental supporters of this event, we recommend a suggested donation of $5,000. By making this contribution, you will play a vital role in the success of the organizational phase and gain access to exclusive privileges. 

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