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Breast Cancer and Rare Life-Threatening Diseases:

Committed to providing support

and promote the search for a cure.

WLPO is dedicated to support research directed towards the discovery and development of innovative methods to treat and possibly cure breast cancer and other life-threatening diseases afflicting today' society.  We are committed to raising funds for biomedical research, support scientists, and grants in order to provide scientists with necessary lab equipment and supplies. By offering unique and prestigious fundraising Awards ceremonies and Gala Dinner events, WLPO is committed to increasing public awareness with regard to the general misinformation around the devastating spread of breast cancer and other life-threatening diseases afflicting today' society.

WLPO’s events and initiatives organized on a local, national and international scale are meant to engage all awards recipients, guests, the general public and the media to becoming involved in supporting scientific research for the prevention and the cure of breast cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Programming and community engagement are at the core of our strategy. There are numerous ways to support research into new drug development and to provide hands-on help to women going through treatment. Whatever your commitment, you can make a difference. Discover more about our events and innovative campaigns! Get in touch to stay up to date regarding our latest efforts.


Supporting Research Centers


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Awareness & Outreach

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Please support WLPO!

Help our restless efforts in support of life-saving science funding constant research for new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat breast cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The money we raise pays for the world's brightest research brains to do this.

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