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Unique Fundraising Events, Award Celebrations,
Gala Dinners, and Books honoring outstanding talent, creativity, entrepreneurship, and genius.

The WLPO is a New York-based qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization committed to highlighting the success stories of all those people who, directly or indirectly, with small actions or with great commitment, stand out for their dedication to noble causes.

Through unique Fundraising Events, Awards Celebrations, Gala Dinners, and unique publications we at the WLPO take great pride in honoring the most distinguished people currently in the USA and around the world for their outstanding achievements. 


The strong national and international media influence of such gatherings is the catalyst to boost global public awareness for the support of Breast Cancer Research and other crucial charitable causes of great human impact.

In 2018 the WLPO assimilated the PrimiDieci Society brand.

For years the PrimiDieci Society has been honoring "The Most Successful Italians Around The Globe", bringing together and publicly recognizing outstanding personalities of Italian nationality or descent. Learn more: click here.

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Spreading the word also in Italy!
Honoring the most distinguished Italians from around the world for their outstanding achievements is a commitment that the WLPO carries out not only in the US but also in Europe and in particular in Italy.
It is via a successful partnership with the Cultural Institution of Italian Excellence based in Rome, Italy, a partnership of great importance to spread these magnificent stories in their country of origin.


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