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The WLPO proudly presents:


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Celebrating The Most Distinguished Personalities Around The Globe.

Unique Fundraising Awards Ceremonies, Gala Dinners, Events, and Books celebrating exceptional talent, creativity, entrepreneurship, and genius.
From culture to science, design to business, public service to the media, the arts, entertainment, and more, the PrimiDieci Society honors outstanding personalities in the USA, UK, Italy, and other countries. 

PrimiDieci Awards Gala

The PrimiDieci Society is a collective of world-leading personalities from around the globe who stand out for exceptional talent and great sensitivity towards charitable causes of great human impact.

Since 2011, the PrimiDieci Society has successfully organized in both, the U.S. and the UK, Award ceremonies, fundraising events, and Gala dinners, along with prestigious books and international media campaigns, to develop increasingly solid and widespread connections between extraordinary people around the world.

Unprecedented happenings aiming to raise public awareness for or the support of scientific research towards dreadful life-threatening diseases, and more crucial charitable causes of great human impact.

Please read more about the PrimiDieci Society of New York on these next pages:

Years of impressive celebrations, also thanks to our partners and outstanding visionaries

Mr. Claudio Bozzo for the US Award Gala editions (past president, Italy America Chamber of Commerce, New York), and Mr. Benito Fiore for the UK Award Gala (frmr. Director at A.T. Kearney, London).

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