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Through its Awards ceremonies and Events the WLPO celebrates the most successful personalities in the USA and around the world to gain widespread media influence for its ultimate purpose: raise global awareness among the general public, institutions, and governments for an increasing scientific research in the field of breast cancer and other devastating diseases afflicting humankind.

From culture to science, design to business, public service to the media, the arts, entertainment and more, at its Awards ceremonies and Gala Dinners the WLPO honors recipients who stand as great authorities and role models.

A collective of outstanding individuals from the USA and around the globe who stand out for exceptional talent, creativity, entrepreneurship and genius, passionate in supporting noble causes by securing their participation in WLPO’s extraordinary fundraising Awards. Gala Dinners, and Events.

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WLPO takes up the PrimiDieci Award brand.

WLPO is the charitable nonprofit organization that has assimilated the PrimiDieci-TenBest Award brand to pursue its mission of bringing together leading personalities and support lifesaving science.

For several years the PrimiDieci-TenBest Award has honored prominent Italians of nationality or descent who best represent Italian excellence in the U.S. and around the world. WLPO is committed to resume and expand the value received from the PrimiDieci-TenBest brand diversifying its celebratory events by bringing together and honoring personalities of every origin and culture.

Today's Award ceremonies and Gala Dinner events by WLPO honor outstanding role models to increase public awareness with regard to the general misinformation around the devastating spread of breast cancer and other life-threatening diseases afflicting today' society. 

Via its books and publications, both in print and online, WLPO presents the successful life stories of the awards recipients and highlights their outstanding commitment to charitable initiatives and to other noble causes. These books and other publications are available at no cost to all individual and corporate donors. During each event and Award ceremony all guests receive a complimentary copy, including representatives from the media. Read more about WLPO's PrimiDieci books here.

i PrimiDieci e PrimiDieci-Under40, Gala
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'PrimiDieci USA 2021 Awards'
Los Angeles
April 21, 2022

The upcoming highly anticipated fundraising event and award ceremony in Los Angeles

Today’s world leading personalities and top Italian talents under 40 in the U.S.
and assigning
The ITBC Award - Innovative Treatments for Breast Cancer
a special recognition for extraordinary scientific merit to Dr. G. Curigliano, MD, PhD​​

PrimiDieci-TenBest USA Awards: Outstanding international personalities and celebrities recognizing exceptionally talented young Italians in the US who are achieving extraordinary success in their respective fields.

5  World Personalities & Celebrities
 5   Top Italian Talents Under 40 in the U.S.​

  • 400+ exclusive guests

  • Awards Ceremony honoring 10 outstanding recipients: 5 world leading personalities who in turn honor 5 top Italian talents under40

  • ITBC Award: An honorary award to be presented to Dr. G. Curigliano in recognition of his worldwide efforts in scientific research for the cure of breast cancer (please read more below)

  • The Event Fundraising: $100,000.00 Breast Cancer Research Grant assigned during the awards ceremony

  • Event hosted by celebrity host and City Hall authorities

  • Black-tie Gala Dinner

  • Live Entertainment

An Unparalleled Awards Ceremony
and Fundraising Event


Following the widespread success of the previous New York and London editions, the 5th edition of the PrimiDieci-TenBest USA Awards will be celebrated in Los Angeles on April 21, 2022.

Venue of the Event:
The Magnificent Ebell Club of Los Angeles

THE VENUE - Ebell Club of Loss Angeles (



a "Coast to Coast" event!

PrimiDieci Awards - the unprecedented international Awards Gala that alternates year by year between the cities of New York and Los Angeles.

Following the widespread success of the previous New York and London editions,

the 5th edition of the PrimiDieci-TenBest USA Awards will be celebrated in Los Angeles on April 21, 2022.

The event honors five world personalities and celebrities who award five young outstanding Italian talents under 40 for their current success in their same field: from culture to science, design to business, from public service to the media, the arts, cuisine, entertainment, and more.

An award aimed at raising public awareness of the need for ever-greater scientific research for breast cancer research.


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