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The PrimiDieci Books

publicly presented during the Award celebrations: New York and London. 

PrimiDieci USA

About the PrimiDieci-Books:

The life story of the ten Award recipients is narrated in the ‘PrimiDieci’ book, published for every annual edition.

The purpose of the publication is to reveal the most personal and professional traits of these extraordinary personalities. An in-depth narration of the personal and professional paths that led them to their current outstanding achievements. All books including their own "Letter To The Young" with insights and suggestions to young readers.

Each PrimiDieci award recipient is awarded with a copy of this Special Edition book; each Awards Gala guest receives a complimentary copy of the book, including representatives from the media.

More books and publications by PrimiDieci-Books and author Riccardo LoFaro:

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